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Assistance in obtaining authorizations in the environmental field (authorization for emissions into the atmosphere, registration with the national register of waste management operators, integrated environmental authorizations).

Assistance in entering and keeping of the stock books and in filling in the waste identification form.

Assessment of environmental impact.

Design and development of environment management systems.

Management Systems for ISO 9001 quality certification.

ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems and EMAS regulations.
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Leg.Decr. 81/08 “Protection of health and safety on the workplace

Workplace Risks Assessment document (WRA)

Assessment of Risks from Interference Single Document (ARISD)

Prevention and Protection Services Officer (PPSO)

Safety Operation Plans (SOP)

Safety Management System OHSAS 18001.

Information and Training of employees

Assessment of Specific risks
  • Manual handling of weights
  • Apparatus supplied with video terminals
  • Exposure to noise, vibrations, electromagnetic fields and optical radiations
  • Exposure to chemical, carcerogenous agents, mutagens and asbestos
  • Exposure to biological agents
  • Explosive atmospheres

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Taking of samples and microbiological analyses of foods, drinking water and environmental buffers.

Research for allergens in food matrix (Gluten).

Assistance and consultancy for ordinary self control systems (according to the HACCP system) and simplified systems. EC Regulations 852 2004 – Resolution of Regione Emilia Romagna 1869 2008.

Design and development of quality management systems and product certification.

Assessment of the conformity of the food product labels and nutritional analyses.

Consultancy and assistance for the certification of the plants (EC Regulation 853/2004), for the development of traceability (EC regulation 178/2002), health and safety updating and training of operators, accredited courses for nutritionists (R.L 11/2003 – Decr. 342/2004).
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